A Swing Pouter
Photo courtesy of "clever"

These interesting and somewhat comic birds are among the oldest of pigeons breeds. Pouters are among the tallest of pigeons and these slim birds can stand around sixteen inches tall on their very long legs. They carry themselves upright--in a manner reminscent of the Runner Ducks--and their globe or crop balloons out in front of them

The Croppers are a subgroup of Pouters.

Breed clubs:

American Pouter Club
6459 W. 77th St.
Tulsa, OK 74131

National Pouter and Cropper Club
Frank Barrachina
12376 Bryant St.
Yucaipa, CA 92399
e-mail (Jeff Clemens): clemdog04@yahoo.com

American Pigmy Pouter Club
Mike Pope
9396 County Road 5N
Rushsylvania, OH 43347
e-mail: mike_pope@hotmail.com

Pouter Links:

A page on "A fancy pigeon from Belgium" -- the Ghent Pouter

Pouter Pigeon Power -- info on many varieties of Pouters and Croppers

Palomos Deportivos -- a site about Thief Pouters and Spanish Pouters

Brunner Pouters at the Pigeon Roost

Brunner Pouters at Roma Fancy Pigeon Lofts

Black Pygmy Pouters
Photo courtesy of Bill Fox

A Valenciana Pouter
Photo courtesy of Paradox

"Stuyvesant," my Brunner's Pouter

White Brunner Pouters
Photos courtesy of Christian Cutajar

Czech Ice Pouters
Photo © Benny Chai

A Yellow Saxon Pouter cock bird
Photo courtesy of Josh Hoffman

Hana Pouters
Photos © Benny Chai

Brown Pygmy Pouters
Photos courtesy of Bill Fox

Another Brunner Pouter

A Saxon Pouter
Photo © Benny Chai

Pygmy Pouters
Photos © Benny Chai

Bavarian Pouters on the left, English Pouters on the right
Photos © Benny Chai

A flock of Brunner Pouters
Photo © Benny Chai

A sale cage of White Pygmy Pouters
Photo courtesy of Bonnie Rosenstock

Reversewing Pouters
Photos © Benny Chai

Brunner Pouters from Germany
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

More Brunner Pouters from Germany
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

Gaditano Pouters
Photos © Benny Chai



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