Trumpeter Pigeons

"Ptarmigan," a male Trumpeter
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

Trumpeters are show birds, not raised for flight. These birds were named for their peculiar call, which is louder than that of other pigeons. It is a continuous, rising and falling, almost drumlike sound. Another major characteristic of the breed are its boots. A Trumpeter's foot and hock feathers can reach up to 8 or 10 inches. This does not make for a very aerodynamic bird. When I got Ptarmigan, it was several months before he developed the wing strength to fly to the top of the barn with the other pigeons--and if there was any wind, he was in real trouble. He learned to walk on windy days!

Breed clubs:

National English Trumpeter Club
Eddie Lujan
20 Grand Ave.
Las Vegas, NM 87701
505-454-0760 e-mail:

Western American Trumpeter Club

Trumpeter links:

English Trumpeters at the Pigeon Roost

"Ptarmigan" from behind, showing the extension of his foot feathering
Photo courtesy of Diana Reed Slattery

English Trumpeters
Photos © Benny Chai

My Black Trumpeter, "Peter E"

"Peter E" again
Photo courtesy of stefan

Double Crested Trumpeters
Photos courtesy of Christian Cutajar

Bokhara Trumpeters
Photos © Benny Chai



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