Barb Pigeons

A Red English Barb
Photo courtesy of Chuck Oshaben

This short-faced pigeon originated in Continental Europe around four centuries ago. It is most notable for the heavy wattling above the beak and around the eyes. When viewed from the front the head has the appearance of an empty spool of thread.

Barbs are found in Black, Red, Dun, Yellow and White. Um, and, from the photos I've been sent, maybe a few more varieties!

Barb Links:

A German page on Barbs

A hen Blue Bar Barb
Photo courtesy of Matt from Thomas Lofts

A Mottled Barb cock bird
Photo courtesy of Matt from Thomas Lofts

A Blue Bar Barb cock
Photo courtesy of Matt Thomas

A sale cage of Barbs
Photo courtesy of Bonnie Rosenstock



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