Crested Pigeons

a.k.a. Crested Bronzewing, Whistle-winged Pigeon

Ocyphaps lophotes

A Crested Pigeon

This is a lovely Australian pigeon. It has a dark crest reminiscent of that of a cockatiel. Its eyes are orange-red, bill nearly black and the legs and feet are red. Sexes are similar and DNA testing is the only sure way to sex them.

It is found throughout Australia, except in heavy rainfall regions. While found in arid regions it is usually within flight distance of surface water.

In flight this dove makes a distinct whistling sound, not vocally but from air moving thru its wing feathers.

Like most pigeons they build a fragile nest, usually at least six feet above the ground. The two white eggs take 14 days to hatch and the young stay in the nest for another 12 days. Crests are visible at 3-4 days, but adult plumage doesn't come in until 6 months.

In captivity they need an aviary that is at least 6' x 10' and 6' high. Normally they do well in mixed species aviaries.

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A crest at rest

Crested Pigeon
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

In my friend's backyard in New South Wales



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