Diamond Doves

Geopelia cuneata

A cage of Diamond Doves at a bird sale

This delicate little bird is found throughout the interior of Australia and is popular in aviaries around the world. It is easy to maintain and gets along with most common aviary residents, though it may fight with other members of its genus, Geopelia. It is a small bird, about the size of a House Sparrow, but with a longer tail.

These birds are quite vocal, with two calls: one is a long pleasant coo-coo, coo-coo and the other a harsh, two-note, snore-like coo, followed by a normal coo.

The parents share the 13 day incubation of their two eggs. The squabs grow quickly and may fledge in from 11-16 days.

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A White-rumped Blue Diamond Dove

A Diamond Dove from a Swedish aviary
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

A resting Diamond Dove



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