Homing Pigeons

a.k.a. Homers

A Homer
Photo courtesy of Josh Hoffman

Homers are best known for, not surprizingly, their homing ability. Many people race them. the birds are taken from their home coops and carried sometimes hundreds of miles away. They are released and then timed until they get home. Pigeon racing clubs have various methods for making sure of when each pigeon arrives at its home.

If you find a pigeon with a band in your yard, chances are it's a Racing Homer that got to tired to continue. See the bottom of my Pigeon Links to contact organizations that can trace the band number for you.

Breed club:

Saddle Homers of America Club

Homer Links:

Giant Homers at Wittsend

Heading home
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green and Seth

Whew!! Made it home!
Photo courtesy of Paul McSorley

A Recessive Red Homer, sometimes called a Self Red
Photo courtesy of Jason Mandich

Two shots of a White Homer
Photos courtesy of Jason Mandich

A Blue Almond Homer

Ash Red Homers, male on the left
Photos courtesy of Yia Lao

Some of Tommy's Homers, 2 males on the left
Photos courtesy of Tommy Green

A Grizzled hen (left) and Blue Bar cock
Photo courtesy of Bill Fox

An unfledged White Homer
Photo courtesy of Jason Mandich

One week old
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green



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