Pied Imperial Pigeon

a.k.a. Nutmeg Imperial Pigeon, White Fruit Pigeon, Torresian Imperial Pigeon

Ducula bicolor

Pied Imperial Pigeon
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

This pigeon breeds on small islands from the Bay of Bengal to New Guinea, although it will visit the coastal areas of larger islands to feed. It prefers mangrove swamps and wooded areas.

The Torresian Imperial Pigeon (D. b. spilorrhoa) is sometimes considered a separate species inhabiting large areas of northern Australia. Ed. note: I encountered large numbers of them living in and around Cairns. Mostly they stayed high in the canopy and were hard to photograph (using my cell phone). The first 2 shots below are of wild birds in Cairns.

They feed mainly on wild nutmegs and nuts from various palms and travel in flocks of 12-20.

One white egg is laid.

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