A loft of Modenas
Photo courtesy of Paradox

This is an old Italian breed, named after the city of Modena. It was originally developed there for use in an aerial sport where the birds were trained to fly to flag movements. The idea was to have your flock pull birds out of other flocks and bring them back to your loft.

This short "cobby"-bodied bird exists in more than 100 varieties. Two main types occur: the Gazzi (pronounced gad-zi), is white except for the head, upper throat, wings, flights and tail; the Schietti (ske-etty), except in the self white form, lacks any white. A good Modena is a "well-rounded" or "boat-shaped" bird.

Breed clubs:

International Modena Club

National Modena Club

National German Modena Club

Modena Links:

A pair of Blue Gazzi Modenas
Photo courtesy of Eric Damaren

A flock of Modenas from the UK
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Blue Gazzi Modenas, male on left
Photos courtesy of Eric Damaren

A young male Splash Modena
Photo courtesy of Yia Lao

Modenas from Germany
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

Another pair of Modenas
Photo courtesy of Anthony Lapointe

Still another Modena
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker



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