Nicobar Pigeons

a.k.a. Vulturine Pigeon

Caloenas nicobarica

Nicobar Pigeons

Found sporadically throughout the Indo-Australian region from the Nicobars to New Guinea and the Solomons, these pigeons only inhabit smaller offshore islands off the larger land masses. In the field, the short white tail is a distinguishing characteristic.

In captivity it prefers to feed and become active in the evening. It eats seeds and fruits and as far as is known is a ground feeder.

It is a colony nester, tho' each pair lays but one egg.

Nicobar Links:

A Nicobar Pigeon
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Front and rear views of Nicobar plumage

A Nicobar feeding
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Two more shots of perching Nicobars (in a zoo)



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