Rock Dove

aka Street Pigeon, Common Pigeon

Columba livia

A feral pigeon in California
Photo courtesy of stefan

The Rock Dove naturally occurs from western and southern Europe, across North Africa into southern Asia. The domestic pigeon is descended from the Rock Dove and has feral populations across the globe.

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A feral pigeon in flight
Photo courtesy of stefan

Pidge is a street pigeon that someone found as a baby on the side of the road. I hand-fed him until he was old enough to make it on his own--about 4 weeks of taking a baby pigeon everywhere I went. Now he's the fastest and friendliest flier in my flock (hmmm, perhaps the most alliterative avian, also).

[A photo of the street pigeon Pidge]

Sadly, the week before Christmas, 1995, Pidge was lost to a hawk. This will remain as his memorial.



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