Roller Pigeons

A Roller
Photo courtesy of Jason Mandich

The Roller is a performing bird from the Tumbler family of pigeons. This performance consists of backward somersaults during flight. They are sometimes flown competitively.

The Birmingham Roller is a small bird and it lacks a homing instinct so it will settle in quickly. Rollers are considered good birds for beginners as they are quite hardy.

Breed clubs:

National Performing Roller Association

Roller Links:

Simpson's Lofts has Show Rollers

A Roller showing off its wing
Photo courtesy of Matt Young

Red Bar Roller Pigeons
Photos courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Two shots of "Myst," a Birmingham Roller
Photos courtesy of Katie Gray

More Rollers
Photos courtesy of Matt Young

A male Roller
Photo courtesy of Julie Rountree

A Red Roller Pigeon
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Only a mother could . . .
Photo courtesy of Jason Mandich



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