Fairy Swallows

or Spot Swallows

A pair of Fairy Swallows, female on the right

With a black spot on the head, black wings and huge black muffs on the feet, this is a very striking bird. It may be plain-headed or have a shell crest. It is a member of the group of pigeons known as the German Toys. The Toy breeds were developed for color and markings, not for type, and include some very attractive birds.

Breed clubs:

United Swallow Club
David Harris
129C Baer Blvd
Bremerton, WA 98312
e-mail: gromig@sedona.net

Another pair of Fairy Swallow Pigeons
Photo courtesy of Anthony Lapointe

Another shot of my pair of Fairy Swallows; the male is on the perch

Fairy Swallows in a nest box
Photo courtesy of Anthony Lapointe



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