Australian Black Swan

Cygnus atratus

Photo courtesy of Patricia A. Sheley

These swans are native to most of Australia, including Tasmania. Introduced populations are thriving in New Zealand and there are some free-living birds in Sweden.

The Blacks are the most social of the swans and during the breeding season will often nest in loose colonies. Most other swans will not tolerate other pairs anywhere near their nests.

Their greyish-black plumage is interrupted only by the white flight feathers. The parents often carry the young cygnets on their backs when they are swimming.

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"Degas," a Black Swan, looking gorgeous
Photo courtesy of Patricia A. Sheley

"Hoot Lips," the Black Swan I just got for my new pond
June 1, 1995--May 14, 2012
Photo ©Frank Quinn

And here are the "lips" she hoots through!
Photo ©Frank Quinn

This is "Zephyr," the swan I got to replace Hoot
Photo courtesy of Noah Impekoven

Here's "Zephyr" coping with an overnight change from -4º to 54º

"Wally," the male I got to pair with "Hoot"
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

And here's "Wally" on vacation on the Yellow River in China
Oh, OK, that's just the constantly stirred up clay in my new pond
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

Here's a Black Swan on more typical-looking water
Photo courtesy of Julie Hendricks

A cob showing off the very long neck of the male Black Swan
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Wild Black Swans in Australia

This is "Vincent Van Swan" on his "pond"
Photo courtesy of Devorah Feldman

"Hoot," again, showing off her body shape
Photo ©Frank Quinn

And here she is in a bird's eye view
Photo courtesy of Stefan

Two females
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

And a male
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

That's "Wally" close up, and "Hoot" beyond
Photo courtesy of Virginia Martin

Another head shot of a Black Swan
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Juvenile Black Swans
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A wild family in New South Wales

A pair of Black Swans
Photo courtesy of Cilla Taylor

Another pair
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

"Wally" and "Hoot" with their one offspring from 1999; that's Junior on the right
Photo courtesy of Sharon Alworth

"Hoot" showing off her ruffles
Photos courtesy of Bojan Petek

"Hoot" with her 2003 adopted family: 2 Brown China Geese ("Obelisk" in front & "Eep") and 2 Dewlap Toulouse Geese ("Hubert" & "UnderGoose")

The next generation -- in 2004 she raised the two Embdens in the picture and her Brown China "daughter" from last year raised 3 ducklings
And here's a movie of the family

Photo and film courtesy of Stefan

This is one of Hoot's eggs, with a duck egg for comparison
Photo courtesy of Stefan

Cygnets and Mallard ducklings
Photo courtesy of Patricia A. Sheley

Two-week-old Black Swan cygnets
Photo courtesy of Heather Langdon



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