White Holland
Broad-breasted White Turkeys

A White Holland tom at Bloomsburg, PA, May 1997

These large white birds are the most popular for the commercial market, as the carcass shows no pin feathers. They are referred to as Broad-breasted Whites in commercial terminology. In terms of their history however, we may be dealing with two different breeds here. You can note in the images below that the Holland tom is much finer boned and longer-legged than the BB White. The Hollands have blue eyes.

Like the Broad-breasted Bronze turkeys, the Broad-breasted Whites are usually unable to mate naturally, requiring artificial insemination. The true White Hollands can reproduce without our help!

Ten-week-old BB White poults
Photo courtesy of Donna West

K.C.'s white BB tom. "The General"
Photo courtesy of K.C.

A 10-month-old White Holland tom
Photo courtesy of Bonnie Meikle

A five-month-old BB White hen
Photo courtesy of Renate Haeckler

A 10-month-old White Holland hen hanging out with a Black Jersey Giant
Photo courtesy of Bonnie Meikle

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