Royal Palm Turkeys

(Crollweitzer or Pied in the UK)

also includes Golden Palms and Red Palms

Blue Palms have their own page

A displaying Royal Palm tom
Photo courtesy of Tom Richardson

Following text with permission from
by Craig Russell
SPPA Bulletin, 1997, 2(4):5-6

. . . This is the only turkey not heavily selected for meat production. (Standard weights are: old tom - 22 pounds; young tom - 16 pounds; old hen - 12 pounds; young hen - 10 pounds.) It was developed along ornamental lines. However, if you have a small family or a small place, it may well be the turkey for you. Palms can be high-strung but are thrifty and can fend for themselves. Only the black and white has ever been established, but crossing with other varieties has produced individuals of the Royal Palm pattern, but with red, slate or brown replacing the normal black. . . . With the exception of black backs with some white edging and the larger comparative size of surface feathers, which give a fish scale appearance, the Royal Palm has the same basic pattern as the Narragansett, only white replaces gray. While this is usually a small turkey, some strains are nearly as large as the medium standard varieties like the Narragansett and the Bourbon Red. This may be due to the inclusion or conversion of silver Narragansetts. Just as Narragansetts produce silver sports, Royal Palms produce gray sports, which seems to argue for a close relationship of the two varieties.

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"Jacinda," my Royal Palm hen
Photo courtesy of Sue Tivol

"Strut" dispaying and showing off his clean white breast, the preferred type
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

A Golden Palm hen
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

A Golden Palm tom displaying
Photo courtesy of Connor Elliott

A Red Palm turkey
Photo courtesy of Connor Elliott

"Didon," here with her fosterlings, was my very first turkey
"Didon dina dit-on, de dos d'un dodus dindon"

"Hetta" with her brood
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

A Royal Palm tom
Photo courtesy of Kim Roberts

Royal Palm toms
Two Royal Palm tom photos courtesy of Kim Roberts

A Crollweitzer tom from Britain
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

"Jacinda" on the roost
Photo ©Frank Quinn

A trio of Royal Palm turkeys
Photo courtesy of Tom Richardson

A pair of Royal Palms
Photo courtesy of Phil Sponenberg of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

"Strut," another Royal Palm tom in full display
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

The feather pattern on a Royal Palm hen
This hen is not dead! She is crouching for mating
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

Royal Palm poults
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

Royal Palm poults, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 1 weeks
Photo courtesy of Pam Marshall

Sleepy time
Photo courtesy of Deborah Brown

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