Belgian d'Everberg

Barbu d'Everberg

A Porcelain male
Photo courtesy of Jeroen Muys

Text by Jeroen Muys

The Belgian d'Everberg is nothing else than the rumpless variant of the Belgian d'Uccle. Robert Pauwels created this beautiful breed in 1906 in his castle of Everberg near Brussels. The origin probably owes to a cross between Belgian d'Uccle and another rumpless breed (for example the Belgian de Grubbe).

Before the Great War they had a certain popularity, but after this War the d'Everberg seams to have disappeared. In the forties, Georges Lamarche recreated this breed. But after a few years it disappeared again. At the end of the sixties there were several efforts to bring back the Belgian d'Everberg and some of them were succesfull. The interest in this breed was still minor. At the beginning of the nineties there were a few enthusiastic breeders who had done a lot for this, at this time, still rare breed.

The most popular varieties are Mille Fleur and Porcelain, as in the Belgian d'Uccle .Some breeders, especially those living in Flanders, have also Black, White, Blue, Black Mottled, Blue Mottled, Quail, Blue Quail, White Quail (a new colour!!), Golden Neck and Cream Columbian.

So I think it is a very interesting breed. It is exciting when you possess a rare bird in one of the magnificent varieties that exist.

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Breed clubs:

The British Belgian Bantam Club
Nicki Firth
Sarum Lodge, Barrells Road
Thurston, Burry
St. Edmunds IP31 3SF
phone: 01359 230448

ZOBK: Breeders Club for Rare True Belgium Bantams
The Netherlands

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A Cream Columbian hen
Photo courtesy of Jeroen Muys

A drawing of the above hen
Drawing courtesy of Jeroen Muys

A White hen
Photo courtesy of J. Bolle

This is a Mille Fleur cock
Photo courtesy of The Association for the Promotion of Belgian Poultry Breeds

A Quail d'Everberg hen
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

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