Bergische Schlotterkaemme

A Bergische Schlotterkaemme rooster
Photo © Daniela Dietrich

My information about this breed was mostly supplied by Birgit Gelzleichter

This extremely endangered German breed is found mainly in Nordrhein Westfalen and the Bergisches Land area. It has been known since the 18th century and is probably the result of crossing imported Spanish birds with the Bergische Kraeher.

This medium-sized bird has a long box-shaped body. The single comb will flop from one side to the other -- in fact the name Schlotterkaemme means "doddering comb."

They are nonsitters that produce about 180 white eggs the first year and around 160 the second year. They are also a good meat bird. Cocks weigh 2-2.75 kg and hens up to 2.25 kg.

Recognized colors are Black, White Mottled Black, Yellow Mottled Black and Cuckoo.

A Bergische Schlotterkaemme hen
Photo © Daniela Dietrich

A flock of Bergische Schlotterkaemme
Photo © Daniela Dietrich

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