A flock of Brabançonne, including Quail, Blue Quail and Silver birds
Photo courtesy of The Association for the Promotion of Belgian Poultry Breeds

The information on this breed is thanks to Elly Vogelaar of Aviculture Europe.

The Brabançonne is an old Belgian breed (1850). It is sometimes called 'Houpette' and in Holland they are called 'Brabantse Boerenhoenders.' (In old English-language books these are called: Brabant; I think that is what gives all the confusion between the two breeds -- ed. note: the other being the Brabanter). The crest is very small in the cock, only some spiky feathers behind the single comb. The crest of the hen is larger, tho' also behind the comb, and the comb of the hen is twice folded (different from the Leghorn, which is just hanging over to one side!). The laying hens have a very well-developed abdomen. They are found in Black, White, Blue and in Quail varieties.

These fowl are sometimes good sitters and lay a good-sized (60 to 70gr) white egg.

The Brabançonne bantam was developed in 1984 by crossing some smaller Brabançonne with Barbu de Watermaal.

Breed clubs:

Association for Promotion of Belgian Poultry Breeds

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