Buff Catalanas

a. k. a. Prat or Catalana Del Prat Leonada

A Prat cockerel
Photo courtesy of Cristobal Crespo

Accepted in the APA's standard in 1949, this Spanish breed originated near Barcelona, in the district of Prat, and was first exhibited in 1902. In Spain it is primarily grown as a meat bird. It is popular in Latin America as a dual purpose breed, although it is considered a rare breed in the US.

Catalanas lay large white or lightly tinted eggs. Their ancestry includes Cochins and this accounts for the meaty carcass; the cocks can weigh 8 pounds and the hens 6 pounds. The body is various shades of reddish-buff, but the main tail and sickle feathers should be black. For a medium breed it has a large single comb; that of the male should be upright, but the female's may fold to one side.

Breed clubs:

German Club for Catalan Breeds

Catalana Links:

Palm Beach County Poultry Fanciers Association's Catalana page

Some info on the Prat

A scientific study of Prat egg color is available in pdf format

A female Prat
Photo courtesy of Cristobal Crespo

A Buff Catalana cockerel

A 15-week-old Catalana pullet
Photo courtesy of Errolyn Martin

A poor photo of a flock of these fowl
Photo courtesy of Cristobal Crespo

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