Chaamse Hoenders

Male Silver and female Gold Chaamse Hoenders
Photo © Ad Taks

I don't really know much about this Dutch breed, except that they come in Gold and Silver and are recognized in the Dutch Poultry Standard.

They were also recently recognized by the Slow Food Foundation, so they must be one tasty chicken!

Here's an article on the Chaamse Hoenders

Breed clubs:

Chaamse Hoender Club

Chaamse Hoen Links:

Vrienden van de Chaamse Pel (no, I have no idea what that means)

A flock of Silver Chaamse Hoenders
Photo © Ad Taks

Gold Chaamse Hoenders
Photos © Ad Taks

Silver Chaamse Hoenders
Photos © Ad Taks

Another shot of that flock of Silver Chaamse
Photos © Ad Taks

Head shots of a bunch of Silver Chaamse cockerels
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