Appenzeller Barthuhner

A Partridge Barthuhner cockerel
Photo courtesy of Greenfire Farms

OK, I know little about this breed, except that it comes from the same area of Switzerland as the Appenzeller Spitzhauben. It is a more powerfully built bird and lacks a crest. Instead it has a rose comb with a backward pointing spike, a full beard and white ear lobes.

Breed clubs:

The Rare Poultry Society (UK)

The Appenzeller Breed Society (Switzerland)
Mr. Eugster Edi
Talsrasse 41
CH-9442 Berneck
++41 71 744 34 60

Barthuner Links:

Barthuners at Grade Eh Farms in Canada

A Barthuhner's beard
Photo courtesy of Greenfire Farms

An Appenzeller Barthuhner hen
Photo courtesy of Nick Nick (The Chicken Mother!)

Partridge Barthuhner cockerels
Photo courtesy of Greenfire Farms

Appenzeller Barthuhner chicks
Photos courtesy of
Greenfire Farms

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