A pair of Delawares

An American breed from, as you may guess, Delaware. It was developed in the 1940s through crossing Barred Plymouth Rocks and New Hampshires (it was originally called the Indian River). In the days before the Rock-Cornish hit the markets, this was one of the most popular broilers due to its fast growth and superior meat quality. It is a dual-purpose breed and lays brown eggs.

The Delaware is a white bird with barring on its tail and hackle. The Delaware is one of the breeds used to produce the modern production sex-linked hybrids. This is a very rare breed.

From Stacy Tate:
"Delawares, both male and female, should have black barring on their hackles, white backs, yellow legs, and "horn" colored beaks. Primary and secondary wing feathers should show barring in both males and females. The males should have barring on all of their tail feathers, while the females should have their main tail feathers black and edged in white, while their coverts, ideally, should show barring. Combs should be 5 points in both males and females, and Delawares should never be skinny flighty birds. Males should get 8 1/2lbs and females should get 7 1/2lbs."

And here's an article on the origin of the Delaware by Ed Hoffmann.

Breed clubs:

The Delaware Poultry Club

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A Delaware rooster (photo taken after a tremendous storm).

"Elvis" and his flock
Photos courtesy of Stacy Tate &

Two shots of another Delaware male

Tracy's pair of Delawares
Photos courtesy of Tracy Lukeman

A Delaware female

A Delaware hen
Photo courtesy of Marc Socal

A nice pair of Delawares
Photo courtesy of Stacy Tate &

A Delaware pullet
Photo courtesy of Stacy Tate &

A flock of Delawares
Photo courtesy of Bill Braden

Another pair of Delawares
Photos courtesy of Derek Eberly

A couple of 21-week-old Delaware pullets
Photos courtesy of Natalie Stolzheise

Two shots of "Wonder," a day-old Delaware cockerel -- note that this breed can not be sexed by color, it's just that this chick grew up to be a male
Photos courtesy of Edna Kain

Delaware chicks
Photo courtesy of Stacy Tate &

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