A White Empordanesa rooster
Photo courtesy of Laurie Brooke Adams

This Spanish breed is closely related to the Penedesenca. In fact, as I understand it, Empordanesa is the name for any of the solid colored Penedesenca types (except the Black); as far as I know, Empordanesa come in White and Red varieties. They are the same size as most Penedesenca and have the same carnation comb (single with multiple lobes at the rear).

Breed clubs:

German Club for Catalan Breeds

Empordanesa Links:

Some info on the Empordanesa

A scientific study of Empordanesa egg color is available in pdf format

Heritage Habitat Farms

A German site on Empordanesa

Empordanesa varieties in Spain (in Spanish)

Two shots of an Empordanesa's comb
Photos courtesy of Laurie Brooke Adams

A Blue-tailed Empordanesa rooster
Photo courtesy of Nikolai Ahlbrecht

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