Egyptian Fayoumi (or Bigawi)

"Amoral," my favorite Fayoumi hen

Fayoumis are fairly small active chickens that have been raised along the Nile River since times B.C. They are very fast maturing and pullets may start laying a small tinted (off-white) egg by 4 months of age. The cockerels will often be crowing by six weeks of age. Males reach a weight of 4.5 pounds and females reach 3.5.

These fowl are similar in plumage pattern to the European Campines. Legs may be willow green or slate blue. The neck is quite long and they have a very high, almost vertical, tail carriage.

They are flighty birds, but not aggressive to people and the males are fairly tolerant of other roosters.

Lana Gazder's Fayoumi male
Photo courtesy of Frances A. Bassom

"Nadir," a Fayoumi cockerel

A Fayoumi trio, from left to right: "Anspiss," "Anshigg," & "Nadir"

A pair of Fayoumi from Britain
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A Fayoumi cock
Photo courtesy of Mckinney & Govero Poultry

Another Fayoumi hen
Photo courtesy of Wes Rolley

Fayoumi chicks
Photo courtesy of Mckinney & Govero Poultry

Another view of a Fayoumi chick
Photo courtesy of Paul Helbert

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