A Friesian hen
Photo courtesy of Frances A. Bassom

This ancient breed is from the Dutch province of Friesland. They're supposed to be egg machines, laying early and producing masses of white eggs. They are also supposed to be very nervous and flighty, not an easy bird to keep in a confined space.

Friesians occur in both single and rose comb forms. On the continent the birds are standardized at 5.5 pounds for males and 4.5 for females, although the birds found in the UK under this name are nearly small enough to be considered bantams. Females have an even pattern of barring on body, wings and tail and the birds appear in many different colors, including Yellow Pencilled, White, Black, Red Mottled and Blue Pencilled.

Friesian Links:

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A Chamois Laced Friesian cock
Photo courtesy of Kerri-Anne Goodfellow

A Lemon Friesian cockerel and his head
Photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms

Two Yellow Pencilled Friesian hens
Photo courtesy of Owen Goodfellow

Another Friesian hen
Photo courtesy of Owen Goodfellow

A Lemon Friesian pullet and her head
Photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms

A Friesian cockerel
Photo courtesy of Grant Brereton

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