Groninger Meeuwen

or Groningen Gulls

A flock of Groninger Meeuwen
Photo courtesy of René Quax

This Dutch breed is related to the Fresian but is around 25% larger, with the males weighing around 2.5 kilograms (6 pounds). They are excellent foragers and good winter layers.

They are only found in two colors: "Zilverpel" (white with black markings) and "Goudpel" (golden brown with black markings). The eye is brown and the tail should not be carried higher than 60 degrees, unlike the similar Fresians, which carry their tails at nearly 90 degrees.

The Groninger Meeuwen were nearly extinct in 1980, with only 26 birds left, but fortunately a group of poultry enthusiasts in The Netherlands took notice of the breed and have brought it back.

[ed. note: I believe this is the same bird as, or very closely related to, the Ostfriesische Moewe.]

Breed clubs:

Groninger Meeuwen Club
p/a W.D. Diemer
Ohner Strasse 128
D-48465 Samern (Duitsland)
The Netherlands

Groninger Links:

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A Groninger Meeuw hen with chicks
Photo courtesy of René Quax

A Groniger hen
Photo courtesy of Jed Dwight

Another shot of René's flock
Photo courtesy of René Quax

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