Grubbe Bantams

or Barbu de Grubbe

A Blue Grubbe hen
Photo courtesy of the Association for the Promotion of Belgian Poultry Breeds

The Grubbe is a rumpless version of the Barbu d'Anvers that was develped around 1904. They have the same pert body carriage as the d'Anvers, with the wings carried toward the ground. They also have a short and thick neck and a beard.

Cocks weigh about 650 gm and hens between 500-550 gm.

Like the d'Anvers, the cocks can become quite aggressive.

Breed clubs:

The British Belgian Bantam Club
Nicki Firth
Sarum Lodge, Barrells Road
Thurston, Burry
St. Edmunds IP31 3SF
phone: 01359 230448

ZOBK: Breeders Club for Rare True Belgium Bantams
The Netherlands

Grubbe Links:

The ZOBK Breeders Club on the Grubbe

Another Blue Barbu de Grubbe hen
Photo courtesy of R & J Rees

A pair of Grubbe bantams
Photo courtesy of Harry Heath

Another rooster
Photo courtesy of R & J Rees

Grubbe hens from Germany
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

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