Hamburgs or Hamburghs

a.k.a. Hollands Hoens

A Silver Spangled Hamburg cock

This breed used to be called the Hollands Hoen (Dutch Fowl), and still is in The Netherlands. All Hamburgs have rose combs. The breed appears in more than 10 varieties, of which the Pencilled forms (originally developed in Holland) are the smallest, the Spangled forms (probably originating in England) intermediate in size, and the Self-colored birds the largest.

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Breed clubs:

North American Hamburg Society
Mary Hoyt
9365 N. Santa Margarita Road
Atascadera, CA 93422

The Hamburgh Club of Great Britain
Mr. P. Harrison
60 Dean Head, Summit
Littleborough, Lancs OL15 9LZ
phone: 01706 377653
The Hamburgh Club of Great Britain has just published Memento 2000. It is a reprint of the 1910 booklet Hamburghs in a Nutshell bound in with other articles and photographs -- 96 pages in all with some colour photographs on the back cover. Contact Mr. Harrison for more information.

Hamburg Links:

Here's an SPPA article on Pheasant Fowl, Hamburgs and Redcaps

South Yeo Farm East

An image of a rumpless Silver Spangled rooster

Hamburg bantams at One Earth Farm

A nice Gold Penciled Hamburg pullet
Photo courtesy of Grant Brereton

"James," my Silver Spangled Hamburg cock
Photo courtesy of Bill and Sue Tivol

"Jimmy" is poorly marked for a SS Hamburg cockerel, but he's gorgeous -- looks like a waterfall

My Silver Spangled Hamburg hen, "Della"

A pair of Golden Spangled Hamburgs

A pair of Golden Penciled Hamburg bantams

Two shots of White Hamburgs

Citron Spangled Hamburg bantams
Photos courtesy of Dan Powell

Citron Spangled Hamburg bantams -- the next generation!
Photo courtesy of Dan Powell

A Blue Silver Spangled cockerel from Australia
Photo courtesy of Jessica Williams

A Black Hamburg pullet
Photo courtesy of Taryn Koerker

A Birchen Hamburg rooster
Now here's a variety I've never heard of before!

A pair of Silver Penciled Hamburgs and a clearer shot of another pullet

How about a Blue Hamburg hen?
Photo courtesy of Dr. Albert McGraw

A Black Hamburg bantam pullet
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

A Blue Spangled Buff Hamburg pullet

Silver Spangled cockerel and bantam Silver Spangled hen from the UK
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

A Blue Spangled Hamburg rooster

A Citron Pencilled cockerel and a Gold Pencilled hen
Photos courtesy of Rosalyn Serex

A pair of Gold Spangled Hamburg bantams from Oz
Photos courtesy of Jessica Williams

A Citron Hamburg hen
Photo courtesy of Paul Bradshaw and Greenfire Farms

Blue Gold Spangled pullet and hen from Australia
Photos courtesy of Jessica Williams

"Clara," a Silver Spangled pullet
Photo courtesy of Tim Ross

Citron Spangled and Silver Spangled Hamburg bantams -- for color comparison
Photo courtesy of Dan Powell

This is a Gold Spangled Hamburg bantam male with a fully gold tail -- I understand that it is very hard to get this tail without any black smudging
Photo © Fancy Fowl

A new variety from The Netherlands, the Citrone Hamburg; this is a pullet and a cock
Photos courtesy of Nikolai Ahlbrecht

Bantam Silver Spangled Hamburgs

Pair of bantam Golden Spangled Hamburgs

Head shot of a Black Hamburg

A Golden Penciled pullet
Photo courtesy of Tim Ross

A Citron Spangled Hamburg bantam hen
Photo courtesy of Dan Powell

A young pair of Black Hamburgs

Silver Spangled Hamburg male
Grand Champion, Youth Division, Del Mar Fair, San Diego, 1994
Photo courtesy of Nora Pihkala

Silver Spangled Hamburg female
Champion Continental, Adult Division, Del Mar Fair, San Diego, 1994
Photo courtesy of Nora Pihkala

Another Silver Spangled hen

A Gold Penciled Hamburg pullet

A pair of Gold Penciled Hamburgs
Photos courtesy of Tom Condon

An SSH bantam rooster form South Korea
Photo courtesy of Lee Seong Woon

Young Hamburgs: Silver Spangled on the left, Blue Silver Spangled on the right
Photo courtesy of Jessica Williams

A 3-week-old Gold Penciled Hamburg
Photo courtesy of Joyce M. Wallace

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