My very first chickens were White Leghorns. When they were around 5 months old all five pullets started laying. One of them had trouble: her oviduct everted (came out inside out) when she laid her first egg. I found her before enough time had gone by for there to be any additional damage--like tears in the skin from sharp objects or her sisters--and rushed her to my vet (who knew nothing about chickens). Taking a wild guess he just pushed the whole thing back in, like he would with a cow with the same problem--and like the cow, the hen pushed it right back out! So he pushed it in again and put a couple of stitches across to keep her from everting it again. This worked, and in a few days she was fine, although for the rest of her life she was always a bit messy back there, hence her name.

BadAss was one of the most extroverted chickens I've known. She was very tame and interested in everything. If I was doing carpentry, she was helping by moving the nails around. When I mowed the lawn I actually had to lock her up, because she had a thing for the lawnmower and was in danger of getting mowed herself.

"BadAss" herself



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