Good Karma

I used to go regulary to a poultry auction which used to be held twice yearly near Albany, New York. If you got there early you got to wander around and look at the 500 lots of birds up for auction. One time I was looking at the birds and I noticed that in one cage the rooster was beating up the hen really badly; she was bleeding and had lost some skin. I told the people in charge and they put her in a box to protect her from the male.

One of the things I was seeking at that sale was a couple of pretty but very cheap roosters for someone. At one point they put up a poor quality Brown Leghorn cock and no one was bidding so I got him for 50 cents. When I collected my birds later I discovered there had been 2 birds in that lot and it cost me $1.00. The second bird they brought out in a box, and darned if it wasn't that abused hen. I figured that my karma had come full circle and that's how she got her name. To this day the feathers stand up on the side of her neck where she was injured.




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