A Black-tailed Buff Minohiki cock
Photo © Knut Roeder

One of the Japanese longtailed breeds.

Long feather growth may be associated with genes for extra feathering, so that some breeds, including the Minohiki, may have very full tails due to the presence of extra sickles and coverts.

Here is some more info courtesy of Marc King:

"The 'Saddle Dragger' or 'Raincoat Dragger' is perhaps my favourite of all the long-tail fowl breeds that have come out of Japan. Believed to be the more elegant distant cousins of the Satsumadori, and descendants of crosses made in the Edo Period between Shamo and Shokuku, these birds have exceptional presence in the show cage as well as in the garden."

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The head of a Minohiki rooster
Photo © Marc King

A Silver Duckwing Minohiki
Photo © Marc King

A Gold Duckwing Minohiki cock
Photo courtesy of Lee Seong Woon

Yet another color variety
Photo © Marc King

A Minohiki pair from South Korea
Photo courtesy of Lee Seong Woon



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