A Mantes rooster
Photo courtesy of Peta Morton

This old French breed was extinct for 50 years but was recreated in about 1960. It was originally developed through crossing Houdans with Brahmas. The roosters weigh in at 2.5-3.5 kg (6-9 lb) and the hens from 2-2.5 kg (5-6 lb).

The plumage is a glossy black with white mottling. Its eyes are a light red and the comb is single, sometimes falling to one side, and the birds have a beard and muffs.

It is a dual purpose breed and lays a pale egg.

Breed clubs:

Houdan-Faverolles Club de France (has a section on Mantes)

A Mantes hen
Photo courtesy of Peta Morton

Here's another Mantes hen and her head
Photos courtesy of Sue Cross

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