Nankin Bantams

aka Nankeens

A young pair of Rosecomb Nankins
Photos courtesy of Jim Poindexter

The Nankin is a true bantam and about the size of a Sebright. In fact, according to H. Easom Smith, they were probably used in the development of Sebrights, showing that the breed has been around for a long time. They probably were introduced to Britain from Java and/or India. Recently they have made it over to the States.

The body is a buff color, with black main tail feathers. Comb may be single or rose and legs, depending on whom you read, are blue or white.

Here's an SPPA article on Nankins.

The Nankin Bantam: A Rare and Ancient Fowl by Mark A. Fields (2006, 102 pp., American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, ISBN: 978-1-887316-05-7) is the first book devoted to this interesting breed. It contains information on both its origin and modern breeding. Available from the ALBC Store.

Breed clubs:

Nankin Club of America
Larry W. Rauert
4767 N. Quandt Rd.
Grand Island,NE 68801

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A Nankin hen
Photo courtesy of Nick Nick (The Chicken Mother!)

Nankins: hen, pullet and rooster
Photos courtesy of

A single-combed Nankin cockerel
Photo courtesy of Jim Poindexter

Rosecomb Nankins from The Netherlands
Photos courtesy of Jan Ubels

A Nankin rooster from Great Britain
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Nankin roosters -- a Rosecomb and 2 Single Combs
Photos courtesy of Lund Poultry

A Nankin bantam chick
Photo courtesy of
Nick Nick (The Chicken Mother!)

Another Nankin chick
Photo courtesy of

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