North Holland Blues

A North Holland Blue rooster (from Switzerland)
Photo courtesy of Alberto Prats

These birds were developed early in the Twentieth Century in the province of North Holland.

The North Holland Blue is found in Cuckoo, not Barred and is sex-linked as females are much darker than males. In England they are standardized with feathered legs (mostly to distinguish them from the Marans), although the original Dutch birds are clean legged.

The North Holland Blue has white legs and skin and lays a tinted egg.

Breed clubs:

Assendelfter en Noord-Hollandse Blauwe club (in Dutch)

North Holland Blue Links:

Noord-Hollandse Blauwe hoenders komen voor in 1 kleurslag nm. koekoek - in Dutch

A North Holland Blue trio (from Switzerland)
Photo courtesy of Alberto Prats

A North Holland Blue cockerel
Photo courtesy of Alberto Prats

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