Pinta Asturiana

a.k.a. Asturian Painted Hen or Pinta Pita

A trio of Black Painted Hens -- two hens of the Brown variety are in the background
Photo courtesy of Josè Ramûn Alvarez Alonso

This Spanish breed had practically vanished when its recovery was started in 1980. It was developed originally in the Asturias region of northern Spain.

Males weigh in just under 9 pounds and females around 5 pounds. It is a single combed breed. The most common variety seems to be black mottled with white. It also occurs in brown, dirty white and birchen varieties. The hens lay a tinted egg.

Another group of Black Pinta Asturiana
Photo courtesy of Josè Ramûn Alvarez Alonso

Two photos of the Brown Pinta Asturiana
Photos courtesy of Josè Ramûn Alvarez Alonso

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