a.k.a. Gallina di Polverara

A Black Polverara rooster
Photo © Andrea Mangoni

The Polverara is a rare Italian chicken from the area near Padua. Nearly extinct in the early 1900s and again in 2000 (down to 10 specimens) it has been saved and now exists in 2 varieties, Black and White. Breed characteristics include willow green legs, red face, white earlobes a small V comb, a beard and a large crest, tho' smaller than that on Polish. This breed is quite similar to the Brabanter.

The hens are nonsitters and good layers of small white eggs.

Males weigh 2.5-3kg and females around 2kg.

Polverara Links:

Ode alla Gallina di Polverara (in Italian)

A pair of White Polverara
Photos © Andrea Mangoni

A Black Polverara hen
Photo © Andrea Mangoni

Head shot of a Polverara rooster
Photo © Andrea Mangoni

A Polverara chick
Photo © Andrea Mangoni

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