Rumpless Fowl

"BadAss," a Rumpless mixed-breed hen

Rumplessness is a genetic defect which appears occasionally. In the true rumpless condition the last vertebra (or, unofficially, the "parson's nose") is missing. These sports have appeared in various breeds. The only chicken in the US Standard of Perfection wherein this is a breed characteristic is the true Araucana.

The Manx Rumpy is the same bird as the Old English Game bantam, but lacking the parson's nose.

I have recently obtained pictures of a pair of "Persian Rumpless." These are a Mediterranean breed in character, but were originally bred as fighting or game fowl for the pit. They seem to be the same birds as the Manx Rumpies and were probably involved in the ancestry of the Rumpless Spanish Game (a.k.a. Bolos).

Another rumpless breed is the Belgian d'Everberg bantam.

Rumpless Links:

Rumpless game bantams

A pair of Persian Rumpless or Manx Rumpies

A Manx Rumpie cock and hen
Photos courtesy of Dr. Albert McGraw

"Stump," a Rumpless Splash Andalusian pullet

A Rumpless Game cock from the UK
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A German Rumpless pullet
Photo courtesy of Sascha Michel

A flock of Manx Rumpies
Photo courtesy of Dr. Albert McGraw

More Rumpless OEGs from the UK
Photos courtesy of Robert Stephenson

White Uzurao trio -- a rumpless bantam from Japan
Photo courtesy of Lee Seong Woon

Another Uzurao, a Black-breasted Red male
Photo courtesy of Lee Seong Woon

A Rumpless Old English Game chick
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

A brood of Rumpless OEG chicks
Photo courtesy of Robert Stephenson

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