Booted Bantams

A pair of Sabelpoot bantams, male on the left
Photos courtesy of Owen Goodfellow

Although it looks very much like the d'Uccle bantams, I understand that the Sabelpoot is somewhat larger and an old breed of true bantam. They are supposed to be Dutch or German in origin.

They are a booted bantam, but not bearded or muffed.

The following text is thru the courtesy of Alex Hales,

There is evidence of Bantams with feathered feet from around 1600 (Ulisse Aldrovandi, Italy) and [they] have been mentioned in historical literature throughout the centuries to the present day. The three main countries to play a part in developing these feather footed birds into an actual breed are Great Britain (Booted Bantam), Germany (Federfubige Zwerg) and The Netherlands (Sabelpoot). The Booted Bantam lost favour with British breeders and remains rare in this country. However, the Germans and the Dutch have been the main force behind the Booteds' breeding and thanks to them we now have Booteds in many colours.

The Black and White Booteds have always been seen as of British origin; even nowadays the Blacks and Whites are smaller and more compact in build, even in Germany and The Netherlands.

Young Booted Bantams will often look taller and slimmer than older birds and I feel its not until after their first moult that they look "right." Be careful of cross breeds, [as] the blacks and whites do look similar to the Barbu d'Uccle and [they] are often bred together indiscriminately. The Barbu d'Uccles have thicker neck feathering with a very pronounced boule.

Breed clubs:

The Rare Poultry Society (UK)

Sabelpoot Links:

De Nederlandse Sabelpootkriel, a "Dutch only" site.

A Citrus Sabelpoot rooster, on left as a cockerel and on right fully grown
Photos courtesy of Deborah Lucas

Black Booted bantams from the UK, a trio and a male
Photos courtesy of Alex Hales

Three more Sabelpoots -- White, Barred and Yellow White Mottled
Photos courtesy of Sascha Michel

A Citrus Sabelpoot pullet
Photo courtesy of Deborah Lucas

Two shots of a Gold Mille Fleur Sabelpoot hen
Photos courtesy of Fin Mcpherson &

A young trio of Citrus Sabelpoot
Photo courtesy of Deborah Lucas

A White Booted pullet from the UK
Photo courtesy of Alex Hales

Sabelpoot chicks at one day and one week
Photos courtesy of
Craig Payne

A Gold Mille Fleur Sabelpoot chick
Photo courtesy of Fin Mcpherson &

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