Australian Pit Fowl

aka Australian Pit Gamefowl

A hen-feathered Black Pit Game bantam cockerel
Photo courtesy of Jenni Kennedy

Australian Pit Games were developed for cockfighting by British soldiers stationed in Australia.

The bantam version was developed by fanciers for showing. They should resemble the large fowl in all aspects except size.

The Pit Fowl are unique in being bred with "pit" characteristics in mind. Therefore, they may be any color, hen-feathered, muffed, tasseled, and single or pea combed.

Australian Pit Game Links:

Australian Pit Game bantams at Bathungra Park

The Chook Shed

A young pair of Black Australian Pit Game bantams
Photos courtesy of Jenni Kennedy

More Pit Game bantams, a Brassy Muff male on the left and a Black Muff pullet on the right
Photos courtesy of Jenni Kennedy

A Furnace Pit bantam pullet
Photo courtesy of Jenni Kennedy

Two more male Pit Game bantams, an old Black-breasted Red cock and a Brown/Red cockerel
Photos courtesy of Jenni Kennedy

Black and Blue Aussie Pit Game bantam hens
Photo courtesy of James Wong

Two more Aussie Pit Game large fowl, male on the left
Photos courtesy of Karen Johns

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