Irish Game Fowl

A Splash Muffed Henny Irish Game cockerel
Photo courtesy of a friend in the UK

Irish Game can be found with either single or pea combs. They can be found in almost any color and most of these can be either normal feathered or hen-feathered (Hennies). Males should weigh around 4.5-5lb, although they vary from 3-8, and females weigh from 3-6lb. They are broad, short-backed fowl, similar in shape to the Old English Game and differing from the longer, narrower American Games. There has been no real attention paid to color in the Irish Game, so they can be found in a great variety of colors.

These birds are very feisty and the cockerels need to be separated by 5 weeks or they may start fighting. The hens are also known to be aggressive and will take on a dog or cat that even looks at their broods (and usually win).

The hens are good layers and produce a white to tinted egg.

From the UK we have the Old English Game Colour Guide by Dr. J. Batty. Totally filled with pictures of OEGs, both large and bantam, there's no logic to the order of things that I can see, but if you want pictures of many colors of OEG, this is the book for you. It is available from Beech Publishing.

Here's the new book Oriental Gamefowl by Horst W. Schmudde, 2005, 208 pp., AuthorHouse, ISBN: 1420876813. If you want to learn about the history, breeding and maintenance of many breeds of gamefowl, including longtails and long-crowers, this book is for you. Read more about it in the SPPA review.

Another new book is The Game Fowl Colour Guide by Owen Dickey, [2006], 141 pp., privately published. Available from the author at: Owen Dickey, PO Box 1016, Ballymena, BT42 9AH, Northern Ireland. 30.00L plus postage: UK: 2.50L, Europe & Irish Republic: 4.00L; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA: 6.00L. Very nice book if you want to see the range of colors that Game Fowl can be found in. There are 86 full color original images, mostly photos but a few paintings. Most of the birds shown are Irish Game, but there are also some American Game and some Oxford OEGs. There is also a section at the end on Asils.

And I've also discovered A Bibliography of Gamecocks & Cock-fighting, by John Norris & John Palmer, 1995, 34pp., pamphlet, Arnold Books, ISBN: 0-9583250-0-6. The emphasis in this collection is on historical titles.

Irish Game Links:

A pair of Black Irish Henny Games
Photo courtesy of a friend in Ireland

A Black-breasted Red Irish Game cock
Photo courtesy of a friend in Ireland

Two shots of a Gypsy Faced Black hen
Photo courtesy of a friend from Ireland

A Ginger Turner Muff rooster
Photo courtesy of a friend from Ireland

Two more Irish stags, a Pyle on the left and an eight-month old BBR
Photos courtesy of a friend from Ireland

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