Toulouse Geese

My pair of dewlapped Gray Toulouse geese; that's the hen "ArmChair" on the left and "ProtoGoose" on the right

The common gray farm goose is usually a Toulouse. Those who breed show quality geese, however, work with a much larger and dewlapped bird. These show quality birds can reach weights of 26 pounds in the ganders. They come in Gray and Buff varieties.

Toulouse Links:

Toulouse Geese at Ashton Waterfowl

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy on Toulouse

Giant Dewlap Toulouse at Texas Peafowl Farm

The heads of a pair of Toulouse, clearly showing the dewlaps. The male is on the right

And here's Marina & Ed's flock of farmyard Toulouse for comparison
Photo courtesy of Marina Hoefler

This gander was Best of Show at a UK show
Photo courtesy of Jed Dwight

Here's a very good Buff Toulouse at the '98 Ohio Nationals

A Buff Toulouse
Photo courtesy of Beth Adams

My Gray Toulouse hen "ArmChair"
Left photo courtesy of Virginia Martin, right courtesy of Robert Sussman

Young Toulouse
Photo courtesy of Eric T. Lomboy

A Toulouse gander and his head
Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Another Buff Toulouse goose

"Alexander" . . . and his friends
Photos courtesy of Senia Phillips

A pair of Dewlap Toulouse from Sweden, male on the left
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

A Blue Toulouse goose
Photo courtesy of Ben Steiner

Farmyard Toulouse from the UK
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

And a nice Dewlap Toulouse gander, also from the UK
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

"ArmChair" in her role as adoptive aunt. She was a bit, shall we say, overprotective.
Photo courtesy of Elaine Ferrand

Dewlap Toulouse goslings

A six-day-old Dewlap Toulouse gosling
Photo courtesy of Senia

At two days, there was about an inch difference between the Toulouse and the Brown Chinas -- here they are at two weeks!



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