Yellow-billed Pintail

a.k.a. South Georgian Pintail or Teal, Brown, Chilean or Niceforo's Pintail

Anas georgica

A Yellow-billed Pintail
Photo courtesy of Clyde Robinson & Avian Empire

This species is widespread in South America, where it replaces the Northern Pintail. It does avoid the humid tropics east of the Andes. The nominate subspecies, A. g. georgica, is the smallest and is found only on the island of South Georgia. The Brown or Chilean Pintail (A. g. spinicauda) is found throughout the major part of the range. A. g. niceforoi, from central Colombia, was last seen in 1952.

Clutch size ranges from 6 to 12 and incubation is 24-25 days.

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A South Georgian Pintail
Photo courtesy of Clyde Robinson & Avian Empire



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