Netta peposaca

A Rosybill drake
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

The Rosybill is a common duck on the freshwater lakes and marshes of temperate South America. Although in the Pochard group, it behaves more like a dabbling duck. The males are very obvious, with their glossy blackish upper parts, lite grey sides and bright red bill with a swollen knob at the base. The females are dull brown with blue-grey bills.

Nests are hidden near the water's edge or built in emergent vegetation. A typical clutch consists of 10 eggs and incubation is 25-26 days.

They are hardy and tame easily in captivity.

Rosybill Links:

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A pair of Rosybills
Photo courtesy of Colt Handorf

Head shots of a Rosybill drake
Photos courtesy of Colt Handorf

Here you can see the fine featheriing on the drake's shoulders and back
Photo courtesy of Colt Handorf

Two more Rosybill drakes
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen



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