Radjah Shelducks

a. k. a. Burdekin Ducks

Tadorna radjah

Two Radjah Shelducks
Photo courtesy of Kim D. Ryan

Radjah Shelducks are native to the tropical northern coast of Australia. They are also found on the coast of New Guinea, and some islands such as the Moluccas, the Aru islands and Fergusson Island. The sexes are similar but can be identified by call. The voice of the male is a hoarse whistle, while that of the female is a harsh rattle.

Pair bonding in the species is long lasting. Radjahs are the only Shelduck that use tree holes for nesting. The clutch consists of 7-14 creamy white oval eggs. and incubation lasts 28-30 days. The male remains nearby and guards the area around the nest.

In captivity, they are more tolerant of other waterfowl than most Shelducks. They'll breed best if kept one pair to an enclosure, rather than in a group.

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More Radjah Shelducks
Photo courtesy of Karen Woods

Two shots of a Radjah Shelduck
Photos courtesy of Kim D. Ryan

From the front!
Photo courtesy of Karen Woods



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