Laysan Teal

a.k.a. Laysan Duck

Anas laysanensis

A Laysan Teal

This species is endemic to Laysan Island, which lies some 225 km off the Hawaiian Islands. It is a very small member of the Mallard group and was considered to be descended from the Hawaiian Duck for quite some time. New evidence suggests that it is more likely descended from a nondimorphic ancestor rather than from the Mallard or one of its close relatives.

The plumage is similar in both sexes, but the bill of the male is dull green with a dusky nail while that of the female is brownish-yellow with dull orange around the edges.

They are found in small groups or pairs. The pair-bond is semi-permanent, with many ducks taking the same partner in successive years. Nests are hidden near the lagoon. The birds feed while walking and forage in all habitats on the island, though they will dabble when given the opportunity.

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