Ringed Teal

Callonetta leucophrys

A pair of Ringed Teal
Photo courtesy of John Beniston

A small South American wild duck, the Ringed Teal is popular with waterfowl collectors. It is a pretty little bird, easy to care for and it gets along well in a mixed collection. Unlike most waterfowl, the drake lacks an eclipse plumage and retains his colorful plumage year-round. This is a result of its tropical habitat and prolonged breeding season.

Fast and agile flyers, Ringed Teal enjoy perching in trees well off the ground. They are cavity nesters, so in captivity a raised nest box should be provided. Clutches consist of 5 to 12 whitish eggs and incubation is variously reported to take from 23 to 26 days. It is also stated that they may pair-bond, at least in captivity, with the male helping to care for the brood.

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A nice Ringed Teal
Photo courtesy of Rupert Stephenson

Size in comparison to a Mallard
Photo courtesy of Petography by Judca

Another Ringed Teal pair
Photo courtesy of Danny Bulach

Another Ringed Teal drake
Photo courtesy of Jean S. B-C Mower-Allard

More Ring Teal - male on the left
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

A Ring Teal drake on the water
Photo courtesy of Alex Levitskiy & Blue Creek Aviaries

More Ring Teal -- at the zoo in New Orleans



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