African Pygmy Goose

Nettapus auritus

A pair of African Pygmy Geese
Photo courtesy of Clyde Robinson & Avian Empire

Although called a goose, this is Africa's smallest duck. It can usually be found in small groups among floating vegetation throughout tropical Africa and Madagascar. Large concentrations may form during molt.

These ducks are quite sexually dimorphic. The drakes have a yellow bill and white face with a large, dark-bordered pale green patch at the back of the head. The sides of the female's face are whitish with grey speckling and she has a narrow black eye-stripe. Both sexes have rufous underparts.

They avoid coming on land, but may be seen perched on branches overhanging the water. They feed chiefly on the surface, but also dive for part of their diet.

These birds normally nest in tree holes. A clutch consists of 6-11 ivory-white eggs.

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Two female African Pygmy Geese
Photo courtesy of Brandy

Two more shots of females
Photos courtesy of Brandy



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