Maned Goose

a.k.a. Australian Wood Duck or Maned Duck

Chenonetta jubata

A male Maned Goose
Photo courtesy of Grant & Gayle Ridgley

The Australian Wood Duck is fairly widespread in Australia. This is a distinctive duck, with a very gooselike shape. It is not a good swimmer and spends little time on the water. It is often seen perching in trees and on branches by the waterside, where it feeds by grazing along the bank.

Maned Geese nest in tree cavities, often quite far from water. A clutch consists of from 6-12 creamy white eggs which take 28 days to hatch.

They are fairly easy to maintain and peaceful in captivity, getting along well with other waterfowl. They do best on good grazing land. Captive birds have been known to have 3 broods in one year.

Maned Goose Links:

A pair of Maned Geese photographed near Perth, Western Australia
Photo courtesy of Stefan

Two shots of a female Australian Wood Duck
Photos courtesy of Grant & Gayle Ridgley

Two shots of a male
Photos courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

Two more views of a female

A young captive-bred pair, male on the right

A Maned Goose Gosling
Photo courtesy of Grant & Gayle Ridgley



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