Chukar Partridges

Alectoris chukar

"Chuck," my 'yard' Chukar

The Chukar Partridge has quite a wide range in nature, from the Balkan Peninsula and adjacent Mediterranean islands across Turkey and eastward into Nepal, Tibet, China and Mongolia. It has also been introduced in the USSR, western North America and England, among other places.

The black forehead band is usually wider and darker in males.

The incubation period is 24 days and clutch size may exceed 15 eggs, laid every day or two.

Chukars can be somewhat aggressive with other birds, but raising the chicks with bantam chicks will help keep them tame.

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"Chuckie Chukar," a shot from Australia
Photo courtesy of Sharon Kennedy-Miles

Another shot of my Chukar "Chuck"

A cage of Chukars at a sale

My Black-shouldered Peacock "Magritte" having an identity crisis -- "Chuck" is in trouble again!

Another sale cage

A breeding pen of Chukars
Photo courtesy of Ellen Rockensock



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