Lady Amherst's Pheasant

aka Shan Pheasant

Chrysolophus amherstiae

A Lady Amherst male
Photo courtesy of Alvin Fisher

These birds are native to parts of Tibet, China, Burma and the northern Shan States. They live at high altitudes and are very resistant to both cold and damp.

A monogamous species, it is best to keep the pair with their young from the previous year. The males get aggressive with the females when caged, and having the other birds helps dilute this activity. It is also supposed to help to keep them in mixed aviaries, including peafowl and eared pheasants in their aviary.

All about Ruffed Pheasants: Lady Amherst's and Golden Pheasants, by Leland B. Hayes is available as a CD.

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The head of a Lady Amherst cock
Photo courtesy of Alex Levitskiy & Blue Creek Aviaries

Another Lady Amherst male
Photo courtesy of Kim Roberts

A pair of Lady Amherst's Pheasants

"Lord" Amhersts (OK, a couple of males)
They're wearing peepers to prevent picking
Photo courtesy of Carol Kelly

Another pair

And still another pair
Photo courtesy of Ellen Rockensock

A dorsal shot of a pair

A salmon fly made with Lady Amherst feathers
Photo courtesy of Maxwell MacPherson, Jr.


This is the result (male) of a cross between a Golden Pheasant and a Lady Amherst's

Another male Golden X Lady Amherst's
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green & Seth Jensen



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